1) What is Gone Streakin’?

Gone Streakin’ is the world’s first fantasy sports survivor game with awesome prizes such as once in a lifetime athlete experiences, cash prizes, exclusive merchandise, and much more.

2) What contests does Gone Streakin’ offer?

• Survive & Advance

• Player Pick'em

3) What is Survive & Advance and how do you play?
  • Survive & Advance is a survivor style contest offered weekly.

    • Each contest lasts until all users have been eliminated.

    • Make picks for players to achieve specified stat objectives.

    • Advance to the next week with correct picks.

    • All users can only select each player once for each stat category throughout the duration of the contest.

    • Any incorrect pick, results in elimination from the contest.

    • Survive & Advance with the most correct picks and be the last one remaining to win.

  • For example:

    In Week 1, we offer a Survive & Advance contest featuring Rushing and Receiving Touchdowns. In this contest, a user will be asked to select a running back to rush for at least 1 touchdown, as well as a Wide Receiver or Tight End to catch at least 1 receiving touchdown.

  • If a user selects Todd Gurley and Rob Gronkowski, both players must score a touchdown for the user to advance to the next week. In order to keep advancing each week, a user must make ALL correct picks. Any incorrect pick, results in elimination from the contest.

4) What is Player Pick'em and how do you play?
  • Player Pick'em is a weekly contest with weekly winners. To get started, user is shown 6 stat objectives and asked for 3 player for each stat for a total of 18 picks.

  • The stat categories offered in the Player Pick'em contest are:

    • 2 or more Passing TDs

    • 1 or more Rushing TD

    • 1 or more Receiving TD

    • 300 or more Passing Yards

    • 100 or more Rushing Yards

    • 100 or more Rushing Yards

  • example, 2 or more Passing Touchdowns category, select (3) different quarterbacks to throw for at least 2 or more touchdowns.
  • example, 300 or more Passing Yards category, select (3) different quarterbacks to throw for 300 or more yards.
  • • Each user can select a player once per stat category.

    • The goal is to be the user with the most correct picks to win the weekly contest.

5) Can I enter both the Survive & Advance contest AND the Player Pick'em contest during the same week?
Yes, you can enter both contests simultaneously for each week they are offered.
6) How many entries can a user make per contest?
One entry per user, per contest.
7) How do I win a Survive & Advance contest?
Survive & Advance with the most correct picks and be the last one remaining to win the grand prize.
8) How do I win a Player Pick'em contest?
User(s) with the most correct picks (out of 18) at the end of the week wins the grand prize.
9) How old do you have to be to play?
To participate in paid contests, you must be at least 18 years of age. Must be 19 years of age in Alabama and Nebraska. Must be 21 years of age in Massachusetts.
10) Can I make picks for future weeks in Survive & Advance contests?
Yes. You can make your future picks in the ‘MY PICKS’ category under GAME STATS.
11) How old you have to be to participate in free contests?
To participate in free contests, you must be at least 13 years of age.
12) When is the cut off time to enter new contests?
You’re able to enter a contest up until a game that counts for that specific contest has started.
13) When is the cut off time to make picks for each contest?
You can make or change picks up until 1 minute before kickoff of each game.
14) When and how do I redeem my prizes?
When you win you will be contacted via email to discuss logistics for prize delivery and athlete experience date.
15) How can I earn free vouchers to redeem for entry into a paid contest?
You can earn free vouchers through our referral program, and also by placing in the rope perfect if each games leaderboard.