How to play

Survive & Advance

Survive & Advance is a survivor style contest offered weekly.

• Each contest lasts until all users have been eliminated.

• Make picks for players to achieve specified stat objectives.

• Advance to the next week with correct picks.

• All users can only select each player once for each stat category throughout the duration of the contest.

• Any incorrect pick, results in elimination from the contest.

• Survive & Advance with the most correct picks and be the last one remaining to win.

Player Pick'em
  • Player Pick'em is a weekly contest with weekly winners. To get started, user is shown 6 stat objectives and asked for 3 player for each stat for a total of 18 picks.

  • The stat categories offered in the Player Pick'em contest are:

    • 2 or more Passing TDs

    • 1 or more Rushing TD

    • 1 or more Receiving TD

    • 300 or more Passing Yards

    • 100 or more Rushing Yards

    • 100 or more Rushing Yards

  • For example, 2 or more Passing Touchdowns category, select (3) different quarterbacks to throw for at least 2 or more touchdowns.

  • For example, 300 or more Passing Yards category, select (3) different quarterbacks to throw for 300 or more yards.

    • Each user can select a player once per stat category.

    • The goal is to be the user with the most correct picks to win the weekly contest.